Wk5 -Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week’s art activity was by far my favorite one. I made the best of it by getting a piece of plywood my dad had lying around in the backyard. My intention at first was to write out my first name which is, Alfredo, but the piece of plywood was not as big as I hoped so I wrote my nickname that my family calls me by which is Freddy. When I first noticed that my name was not going to fit I spray painted the whole wood with black spray paint, then started writing my name in the turquoise color. When i was done with that I went over with the red spray paint. After I was done I filled edges with pink spray paint just to give it more color. SInce my space was limited I used mainly the fine tip for the spray can. It helped me with writing my name without having it spray so much. I enjoyed this activity very much and I am hoping to make it out to the Venice Beach art walls soon to give myself more space and more freedom.


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