Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Lizzy Stiller

This week for the classmate conversation, I had the chance to speak to Lizzy Stiller. We both sat next to each other as we were doing our sketches. For the first question of which piece of art you would like to share with everyone. She didn’t have a particular piece of art but she state the experience of going to a live concert. The experience of enjoying the music live with other people and the excitement of being there is something everyone should experience. The next question of whether you would support your child if they wanted to pursue a career in art. She stated she would hope she would support her child. She stated how she hopes her mind doesn’t change as she grows up because she knows sometimes art doesn’t always have the financial outcome someone needs to live a daily life. She does not want to have the worry having to still support her child financially after finishing college but she would support anything that her child is happy with. Then for the third question when we looked at our phones apps, we had mainly the same apps which are the apps the phone came with. We both had the messages, email, and music app.




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