Wk9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For the art care package, I decided to send it to my 8-year-old nephew David. For this package I decided to choose things we both enjoy doing together. I first added a comic book of one of his favorite heroes, Iron Man. We both enjoying reading comic books so adding this to the care package was meaningful. The next item I added was a Funko Pop Vinyl figure of The Flash. We both enjoy collecting these figures and this one is of one his favorite TV shows, The Flash. I then added the video game, Overwatch, which we both spent countless of hours playing. Also added box of markers and paper because ever since he was able to hold a pencil and write he enjoyed drawing and coloring.

I feel this is different from sending a snapchat because these are items that are meaningful and actually have value unlike a ten second clip or picture from Snapchat. I think ephemera is precious and holds tremendous value over time. Some as small as a concert ticket or in this case a comic book means a lot between my nephew and I. Over time it will only mean more and more. There is a difference between the art at an Museum and the art in a ACP because in an ACP is usually meant for one person so it holds more value to that single person. With art at an Museum it just meant to be for everyone to see and only certain people relate to it. Sending an ACP means a lot more than a snapchat, you are actually taking time and effort to put together this package. It is not a last-minute thing, or something that you just sent real quick. An ACP has the possibility of containing the feeling of Love different than a snapchat since you are really thinking out the items you are putting together.



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