Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa

Exhibition Information


Artist: Carmina Correa, Sam Medeiros, Nicholas O’Connell

Exhibition: A Beach in Symmetry and A Breach in Symmetry

Media: Mixed Media, Sugar

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


About the Artist

This week at the CSULB art galleries, I had the opportunity to speak to Carmina Correa. She is from the City of Anaheim and a transfer student from Cypress City College. She is currently an undergraduate student at CSULB in the School of Art working on her BFA in sculpture. Carmina did the exhibit with two other artists, Sam Medeiros and Nick O’ Connell but they were not present so I was only able to speak to Carmina about the exhibit.

Formal Analysis

When you walk into the exhibit, right away you see the huge sculptures that are around in the gallery. You will see what seems like a huge check mark made out of cement, then you see what looks like a giant ball made out of straps of metal and are welded together. You will also see an art sculpture made out of sugar pieces, that are colorful. There is another sugar piece that are tied up in a checkered pattern. There is also a projection going on in the corner where it shows cases some of the pieces in the gallery. There is also a green stand with a red and white checked colored dog sculpture on top. There is also booth, that resembles a confession box and when you step in, you see stuffed animals, candles, and a religious figure.

Content Analysis

The sugar pieces in the exhibit were made by Carmina. She used sugar to make these figures because she is diabetic, and she has Type 2 diabetes so she has to limit her sugar intake. She wanted to include this in her work because this is part of her life and she wanted to be able to include this thing that she has to do deal with. She also came up with the confession box in the exhibit. Growing up in a Roman Catholic home, this is something she would have to do growing up. She stated how it could seem a scary thing to do by walking into this box and saying all your faults. She included the stuffed animals to give it a sense of comfort and not scary, making it easier for people to step inside the confession box.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I first stepped in the exhibit, the big sculptures first caught my attention. Then seeing the sugar pieces on the floor I was a little confused as to what it was and what was the purpose of it. Also with the confession box, I did not understand at first why will there be stuffed animals inside of it. Speaking to Carmina about her thought process, it made a lot of sense now. I thought it was a great idea that she used sugar to make those figures with her having to deal with diabetes. It made the piece personal and more enjoyable to see. Then having to use stuff animals in the confession box to give more of a comfort feeling was a great idea. Myself growing up catholic, the confession always had the scary feel to it.


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