Wk 10 – Art Experience – Fiber Art Social Network

  1. When it comes to a social network, I think more of the friends I have online than the ones in real life. I don’t consider it for my real life friends as I do not consider them as a network.
  2. The nunbar number does make sense to me as I believe there is no way to have that many friends and have the same type of close meaningful relationships. Even 150 I believe is a high number, especially over time as people grow up and become more busy it is hard to have the same meaningful relationships with everyone.
  3. When you have friends on Facebook in the thousands, it means nothing at all. It just means you have more people following your daily posts and seeing what you do. It does not mean they know who you really are.
  4. The Art 110 social network and the social network I created did not surprised me as they were all people I know in my real life or the people I meant these past few weeks in class.
  5. In my life I want to have close relationships with around 50 people in my whole life. That includes my family, friends at work, and in general. I have a big family and I want to make sure I stay close to them forever and any other people I meet I just want to make sure to have a few more close friends.
  6. The extra friends I have on these platforms have never had any benefits on me. I have never received anything, or has anything ever come about for having these extra friends who are not close.



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