Wk12 – Artist Conversation -Connor O’Brien

Exhibition Information

Artist: Connor O’Brien

Exhibition: Mentia

Media: Video

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: www.milipictures.com


About the Artist

On this week’s visit to the art galleries, I had the pleasure of meeting Connor O’Brien. Connor is currently a senior at CSULB and is pursuing for the BFA in Photography. He is from a close by city called Los Alamitos where he lives at currently. He stated that he has always been amused by cameras as a kid, as he has been able to go outside and capture different moments.

Formal Analysis

When you walk into the exhibit all the walls are white, and there is a video playing. The exhibit light is dimmed so you could focus on the film The video is about five minutes long and it showcases a young man, helping an older man with his everyday activities as changing and being fed. There was no dialogue in the video but there is an instrumental that is going on through the video and it definitely sets the mood of the video.

Content Analysis

The exhibit, Mentia, it shows cases the artist Connor and him taking care of his father who is suffering from dementia. You see him as he helps his father by feeding him, preparing him to shower and shower him. He also assists him in changing and with his daily routines that are needed to go on with his day. Connor stated that his father was only diagnosed for six years but his father had shown symptoms of dementia for fifteen years. He stated how his brother and his mother alternate on helping out with his father. He stated he hoped with his exhibition he would bring awareness to dementia.

Synthesis/My Experience

Connor’s exhibit was one I really enjoyed and it really caught my attention. I walked into the exhibit and felt the connection Connor has with his father. It made me wonder how much his life has changed because of this and the way he goes on with his life knowing his dad is suffering with this. It made me realize how we take for granted the little things in life as being up to get up, bathe ourselves and change our own clothes. The moments where you see his father smile in the video did make me feel good, seeing that he was suffering from this disease he was still able to smile.


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