Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Sam Mederios

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sam Mederios

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Sculpture

Website: None

Instagram: onetruesam

About the Artist

This week’s visit to the art galleries were different as the holiday art sale was going on. I was able to meet Sam Mederios who is currently a senior at CSULB. He is majoring in Sculpture and will be graduating next semester.

Formal Analysis

This gallery was different from the past visits since there was not one certain theme, rather than different items from different students who made these pieces. For Sam’s piece, he had made a chess piece using wood, resin, and acrylic. The chess box looked really high detailed and finish, it did not look cheaply made. One side of the chess pieces are black, and the other side were grey toned color. The chess board was a brown, wooden color.

Content Analysis

He stated that the chess piece took him ten days to complete, as making each detail took a long time. He stated making a chess set will be something that will show his abilities with wood work. The chess pieces really showed his artistic skills by showcasing all details and nice cuts with the wood.

Synthesis/My Experience

I enjoyed Sam’s chess piece a lot, it fascinated me to see a student was able to create this thing with such great detail. I would have liked to see him have his own gallery where he would have more items on display and see more work. His work is something I could see myself purchasing to have in my home.



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