Wk10 -Artists Conversation – Tony Nguyen

Exhibition Information


Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Media: Metal, Ceramics, Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: eltigresite.wordpress.com

Facebook: facebook.com/RoboticTony

Email: robotictony@aol.com

Instagram: elll_tigre


About the Artist

This week at the art galleries I had the opportunity to meet the artist Tony Ngyuen. At the moment Tony is a fifth year student at CSULB, he is on the pursuit for a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metal. Tony is from Gardena, while his parents are originally from Vietnam. He first started off his art career in drawing, then changed to painting eventually changing it again to illustration. He stated he was the first in his family to pursue in a career in art, and he is very passionate in the work he does.

Formal Analysis

Each piece in the gallery are on different stands, so you get to have a good view of each. There is a candy dispenser when you first walk in filled with empty plastic containers. Then there was another stand that had metal glove sort of speak, it looked like if it was meant for some type of armor. There was also a metal helmet, with giant type antlers hanging out. On another stand there was a giant necklace hanging off the upper body part of a mannequin. Also on this stand was little silver metal figures, that seemed like if they were children. Then there was also another stand that different styles of rings and a necklace.

Content Analysis

Tony described the meaning behind his exhibition and he stated his goal was to allow the viewers get a nostalgic feeling, since many of these items represent his childhood memories. He stated how he wants to carry his childhood memories with him forever, he does not want to let them go. He created the vending machine because as a child this fascinated him as you had many options for just a quarter and a twist. With the piece of the necklace and the children around it, the necklace has four small bridges, two feet on each and one big bridge with four feet. Each of the small bridge represents Tony’s brothers and their journey of life. The big bridge was to represent his parents. Tony explained that in his parents’ hometown in Vietnam, there was a war going and there was only one way of getting out of town on a bridge.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I first stepped into the exhibit, I enjoyed to see all the metal pieces. They were all detailed and carefully put together. When getting to learn the background on each piece, it made more sense on the meaning behind the exhibit. Tony did an excellent job on getting his point across on his work. Each thing you could see the time and effort he spends on making it and you could really understand the history behind the pieces.


Wk9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For the art care package, I decided to send it to my 8-year-old nephew David. For this package I decided to choose things we both enjoy doing together. I first added a comic book of one of his favorite heroes, Iron Man. We both enjoying reading comic books so adding this to the care package was meaningful. The next item I added was a Funko Pop Vinyl figure of The Flash. We both enjoy collecting these figures and this one is of one his favorite TV shows, The Flash. I then added the video game, Overwatch, which we both spent countless of hours playing. Also added box of markers and paper because ever since he was able to hold a pencil and write he enjoyed drawing and coloring.

I feel this is different from sending a snapchat because these are items that are meaningful and actually have value unlike a ten second clip or picture from Snapchat. I think ephemera is precious and holds tremendous value over time. Some as small as a concert ticket or in this case a comic book means a lot between my nephew and I. Over time it will only mean more and more. There is a difference between the art at an Museum and the art in a ACP because in an ACP is usually meant for one person so it holds more value to that single person. With art at an Museum it just meant to be for everyone to see and only certain people relate to it. Sending an ACP means a lot more than a snapchat, you are actually taking time and effort to put together this package. It is not a last-minute thing, or something that you just sent real quick. An ACP has the possibility of containing the feeling of Love different than a snapchat since you are really thinking out the items you are putting together.


Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa

Exhibition Information


Artist: Carmina Correa, Sam Medeiros, Nicholas O’Connell

Exhibition: A Beach in Symmetry and A Breach in Symmetry

Media: Mixed Media, Sugar

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


About the Artist

This week at the CSULB art galleries, I had the opportunity to speak to Carmina Correa. She is from the City of Anaheim and a transfer student from Cypress City College. She is currently an undergraduate student at CSULB in the School of Art working on her BFA in sculpture. Carmina did the exhibit with two other artists, Sam Medeiros and Nick O’ Connell but they were not present so I was only able to speak to Carmina about the exhibit.

Formal Analysis

When you walk into the exhibit, right away you see the huge sculptures that are around in the gallery. You will see what seems like a huge check mark made out of cement, then you see what looks like a giant ball made out of straps of metal and are welded together. You will also see an art sculpture made out of sugar pieces, that are colorful. There is another sugar piece that are tied up in a checkered pattern. There is also a projection going on in the corner where it shows cases some of the pieces in the gallery. There is also a green stand with a red and white checked colored dog sculpture on top. There is also booth, that resembles a confession box and when you step in, you see stuffed animals, candles, and a religious figure.

Content Analysis

The sugar pieces in the exhibit were made by Carmina. She used sugar to make these figures because she is diabetic, and she has Type 2 diabetes so she has to limit her sugar intake. She wanted to include this in her work because this is part of her life and she wanted to be able to include this thing that she has to do deal with. She also came up with the confession box in the exhibit. Growing up in a Roman Catholic home, this is something she would have to do growing up. She stated how it could seem a scary thing to do by walking into this box and saying all your faults. She included the stuffed animals to give it a sense of comfort and not scary, making it easier for people to step inside the confession box.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I first stepped in the exhibit, the big sculptures first caught my attention. Then seeing the sugar pieces on the floor I was a little confused as to what it was and what was the purpose of it. Also with the confession box, I did not understand at first why will there be stuffed animals inside of it. Speaking to Carmina about her thought process, it made a lot of sense now. I thought it was a great idea that she used sugar to make those figures with her having to deal with diabetes. It made the piece personal and more enjoyable to see. Then having to use stuff animals in the confession box to give more of a comfort feeling was a great idea. Myself growing up catholic, the confession always had the scary feel to it.

Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Lizzy Stiller

This week for the classmate conversation, I had the chance to speak to Lizzy Stiller. We both sat next to each other as we were doing our sketches. For the first question of which piece of art you would like to share with everyone. She didn’t have a particular piece of art but she state the experience of going to a live concert. The experience of enjoying the music live with other people and the excitement of being there is something everyone should experience. The next question of whether you would support your child if they wanted to pursue a career in art. She stated she would hope she would support her child. She stated how she hopes her mind doesn’t change as she grows up because she knows sometimes art doesn’t always have the financial outcome someone needs to live a daily life. She does not want to have the worry having to still support her child financially after finishing college but she would support anything that her child is happy with. Then for the third question when we looked at our phones apps, we had mainly the same apps which are the apps the phone came with. We both had the messages, email, and music app.



Wk8 – Art Experience -Sketching at CSULB Japanese Garden

This weeks art experience we took a trip down to the Japanese Garden. This was my first time being here so I was excited to go, but I was not excited for the sketching. I am not good at all drawing, so I knew my sketches would look really bad. At first I felt like I was just doing doodles but as the more sketches I did I felt like I was getting better. I enjoyed doing the quick sketches more instead of the longer timed sketches as I felt I did not try to make a perfect sketch and I just sketched quick whatever I was doing. When I did the drawing of my hand it was funny to do as I felt at first not looking at the paper was hard to do. I could see myself getting better if I keep on practicing and going to different places where I could just choose different objects to practice my sketches.


Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra


Exhibition Information


Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media: Sculpture, Painting, Illustration

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

Email: dulce.soledad.ibarra@gmail.com

About the Artist

In this week’s visit to the art galleries, I met the artist Dulce Soledad Ibarra who is currently a senior at CSULB who is pursuing her BFA on Sculpture. She grew up in Chino Hills, then moved to Norco where she went to high school there. She obtained her AA at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga. Her first interest in school was in Graphic Design or in Communications, but then she stuck to Sculpture. She stated has done other exhibits with other artists but this is her first exhibit she had done by herself.

Formal Analysis

When you first step in to the gallery, you would see the different gardening tools and machinery. You see lawnmowers and parts belonging to lawnmowers covered in gold. You see each part on the floor laying on a piece of grass, turf grass. Then on the wall you would see large hedge shears where the blades are covered in gold as well. Also on the wall you see a gold shovel and gold rake. On the corner floor you see mowed grass and tree trimmings bagged up and stacked. Also there is a projection on the wall of Dulce’s father working, he is a gardener so the whole exhibit is influenced from her experience of her growing up and seeing her father work hard.

Content Analysis

Dulce Soledad Ibarra’s exhibit focuses on hard work and pride, this is something she has seen through her father and all his hard work he has done to support her and her family. She stated that her father has worked as a gardener for over 40 years, and he has work hard and prideful all this time. She stated that many people do not pay attention to what you when you work hard, and in the work he does she feels he does not get recognized for the hard work he does. She praises all he has done and wanted to use gold to show the value in her father’s work. Also ironically she and her father are both allergic to gold so she wanted showcase this that they both share. In the video that was projecting, you could see the work her father does is with pride and he does this to support the family.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I first walked into the exhibit, the gold on the machinery and tools stood out the most to me. Then noticing how it was gardening tools and the video showed a man working it felt a close connection, as my father did gardening all his life and did this support my family and I. When speaking with the artist about the exhibit, I feel connected to her story as I felt that we our stories were similar as both our fathers worked hard all their lives to support our families. She stated how her father was prideful in his work and that is something that I felt glad to hear as many people do have jobs that they hate and have no type of pride, and gardening is a job many tend to ignore and do not respect. Knowing first-hand how this job is something that includes hard work and hours, I know the pride she had of her father reminded me of how the pride I had of my father all the years he worked.


Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines

This week’s art experience we had the opportunity to do either a flip book or a zine, I decided to go with the zine. I decided to do a zine on sneakers, as I would consider myself a sneakerhead. I am a big fan of shoes, since I was a kid. Just seeing the NBA and all the basketball players playing in the newest Nike, Jordans, Adidas or Reeboks. Once i was old enough to work, I would buy the newest sneakers when they release and it is something that is a big part to me. With the zine I decided to get pictures online of a variety of shoes that I own as well as some famous quotes made by Nike.