Landscape with a Corpse 9/4

When I first read about the assignment for the week, I was excited as I knew what I wanted to do. I am a big fan of shoes, I loved them ever since I was a kid as soon as I was old enough to work I tried to buy as many shoes as I could. For this project I wanted to show that my passion killed me. I took the saying love kills in a more literal materialistic way than the cliché emotional sense. I tried to make fun of the whole situation by showing I died without any shoes on. It was fun doing this project with the help with my girlfriend and she had the joy of piling all the shoes on me.


Classmate Conversation 8/31

Today in class I had the pleasure of meeting Felix Huynh who is majoring in Film and Electronic arts. Our question of the week was, “Is art actually important? In today’s world?” Felix believed that art is really important, especially in today’s world. He is a big fan of video games and he stated that without art there would be no video games. I agreed with him on these, video games have been a big part of my life growing up and seeing all the art that was in the video games I played. He also said that art will always be important and it is hard to think of a time where it would not.IMG_4388

Plaster Casting 8/26

This is the post excerpt.

This activity is something I have never done before as I do not have much history with art. I enjoyed this activity more than I thought I was and made me glad I signed up for this class. Digging up the hole was fun and getting the right size hole foot was the only tricky part as i have big foot. Once that was done everything else was easy to do, as I had great help by girlfriend as she helped me pour the wet sand and pack it into my foot. I was glad when taking out the mold it maintained in good shape for the most part. This was something I would like to do again with my little nieces and nephews and I know they will enjoy it as much as I did.